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Founded in 1989, a research unit with enterp- rising management.

  The number of stuffs in EICP is not fixed, varied due to the needs of the items and projects.

  The power organization is institute board, director works under the board, in charge of daily management fin-ance. New item is support with at least 0.15 million RMB to start the research study, only need you to give the research process, the ideal, lab work and factory production stage will take benefit as 15, 25 and 60 percent.

  We occupy the necessarily lab in the famous academiaor universities with advanced su-pporting and best colleagues work together.

    About 20 to 30 items are accepted annual, including no more than 2 absolute academic with.

  Items come to project division after lab work with economic producing abilities and benefit margin. The divisions are working like a coventure enterprise or transfer the t-echnology to a suitable factory or company.


Oriented research with continuance, aimed at the practical achievement step by step.


Approaching perfection, making best up, practice, newing style in work and life.

Decare Conception

    is the state of our institute, the length between point r(x, y, z)and the original point in the Decare coordinate
personnel acceptance and education ;
Y    learning, creation, and devotion;
Z    science spirits, EICP CIS and benefit.


Unity, corporation, duty and trust.


Cooperate, collaborate, coordinate.

Multi-scholar ship focus on and variation could be geiven by everyone.

Will makes results.


Think all over.                         Marx

Mind makes me alive.                    Decare

Exactitude, preciseness, strictness.    Guo moruo


Cultivation comes out the suffering, no about your like.      Gao Youyin


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